How to prepare for exams at the eleventh hour

Exams always give anxiety and make the nerves to vibrate and shiver all the time until they are over. The fear make the heart to skip breathe frequently. But still students do not start preparation earlier. They all start late and then face pudding of heart and freezing of fee all hours and even bolts of crying and tears in examination hall where they have fear to forget important details and information which they have learnt recently in van or car while coming to school or college. 

Do you have issues like all students?  If yes, then don’t worry because there are few tips to achieve A grade despite studying at the eleventh hour.  

Do you want to know such tips?  If you are nodding your head, then read below! 

  1. Main points: Memorize main points of the topic on finger tips. It will help you to learnt the whole topic and keep it in mind entirely and make you able to attempt the question easily. 
  2. Your excellence: Always focus on topics in which you are excelled.  Don’t try to memorize all the topics. Understand the concepts of all of them but attempt the ones in which you are good.
  3. Mind map: Mind map is Tue best way to remember the topic. Make mind map of the topics which are difficult to memorize.  This will help to learn faster. 
  4. Past papers : Go through past papers daily. Try to reread solved papers numerous times a day to keep the information desk in mind otherwise you might forget it. 
  5. Chill: Don’t take stress. Do everything attentively and focus. 
  6. Focus: Study less but give your best. Concentrate on your studies the most. 
  7. Brainstorming: Do not attempt questions fast. First write all points on a piece of paper and then arrange them and then turn them into an exceptional answer but always write eye-gluing introduction and precise confusion that would have all information in two to three lines. 
  8. Important topics : Learn important topics first and then look for unimportant topics. Yet always focus on concepts building and understanding otherwise your studies would not matter. 

So these are few tips which you can avail to study few days before exam or to get free education in Europe. If you will get A grades by following then give me a treat and apply for Germany student visa from Dubai.