Quick guide to the services of an orthodontist

An orthodontist Abu Dhabi is responsible of taking care of incorrect positioning of teeth that result in imperfect bites and a crooked smile at times. Though an orthodontist treatment is mostly for cosmetic purposes but there is a lot more that goes into it. If you are facing problems such as huge gaps in teeth, tips of teeth is not aligned properly, crooked teeth or even improper bites, this all can be easily treated with the help of an orthodontic treatment.

Other than this all, there are several benefits of this treatment that tags along unknowingly with dental center Abu Dhabi. Such as preserving health of gums and teeth for longer period of time or taking care of excessive wear or trauma that teeth goes through. Other than that, you will see a significant improvement in your speech as dislocated teeth can also create slurring of speech and mixing of words that you may not be aware of. For the achievement of better results, an orthodontist uses different devices that can help you in improvement and better recovery.

These devices include braces, space maintainers and different kinds of complex orthodontist appliances. This can all be divided into several categories which we will discuss here:


It is one of those appliances that we see being used extensively. Braces are a set of brackets fixed in a wire band that is connected firmly with the teeth in such a way that the brackets connect with teeth forming a perfect alignment and brining the teeth to its correct position. There are follow up checkups every now and then which make sure that the grip of braces on teeth is firm and tightens it once again. The treatment may last for several months or sometimes years, maybe.

There are different kinds of braces available such as clear and colored, both as per convenience.

Fixed space maintainers

When a child loses one of its baby tooth, there are fixed space maintainers applied so that it prevents the either side tooth to move in at that empty space leaving no space for new upcoming adult tooth. This space maintainer is similar to braces except, without brackets. There is a thin yet firm wire which is placed in between two teeth maintaining space for the missing one.