Questions to ask about G-shot before going for the procedure

G spot shot procedure is a procedure used to get the higher sensitivity around the clitoris area typically known as G spot. This area is thicker than the surrounded area and has special tissues which will cause the arousal effect when stimulated. Not every woman will have the idea of her G spot but they can find it with a little practice. If they do not find their G spot then G-shot is the procedure which can be used to make them aware of their G spot. After knowing about their G spot they will become more confident about their body and it will decrease their thwarting.   Fertility specialist in Dubai will also support the relation between g spot and fertility. They support the idea that the G spot enhancement will also increase the chances of getting conceived.

Is it safe or unsafe? People are often confused about the safety of this procedure. This treatment is to be done at the very sensitive area of the women so it is very normal to become anxious about the safety of the health. But gynecologists suggest that this treatment is totally safe and can be done by almost every woman without any complication.

Is it painful or not? Another frequently asked question regarding this treatment is that is this treatment is painful or not. The answer is that this treatment is not painful at all. The pain one can endure is only the pain of being pierced by the needle of the injection otherwise there is no pain in this procedure.

What is the duration of this procedure? This procedure will take only few minutes. The time duration is the interval which is spent by during injecting the filler into the body.

How long the effect lasts? Women will curious about the duration of the effect of this injection. It depends on the quality and quantity of the chemical used in the injection. There are different kind of chemicals are now available to be used in this treatment. A chemical called as Fascian will give the enhancement effect for only four months. Another chemical known as Hyaluronan will continue for sixteen to eighteen months. Another thing which is important is the quantity of the chemical, more chemical will lasts longer.