Pre and post-wedding depression

Pre and post wedding depression is a genuine thing and mostly brides to be are attacked by it but there are times when grooms also suffer from pre wedding depression. Wedding is one of the happiest moments of a person’s life. It is normal for many brides to suffer from depression in the last few months of their wedding to happen. They have mixed feelings of sadness because of leaving their house, happiness of entering a new phase of life, anxiety and stress due to the preparations of the wedding and the tension that everything goes well on the wedding day. 

Most brides skip their meals and end up being really thin and there are some brides who stress eat and end up gaining a lot of weight. When a girl is going through changes her life, her hormones also lose their balance and there is a chemical rush in her body. They spend days in bed and don’t get up due to severe depression. There are many doctors who provide depression treatment in Dubai so that you don’t end up looking like a sad ball on your wedding. They are super affordable and treat you in the best possible way. They counsel you and give you medications so that you can get away from all the sadness and anxiety. There are also many people who are experts in Dubai for marriage counseling and they counsel brides and grooms who go through post and pre wedding depression. This depression can be due to the tension of the wedding day. 

Every person wants their wedding to be the perfect day of their life. They want it to be managed and planned perfectly without any mistakes, and these worries become the reason of depression and anxiety in a person. The depression can also be because of the additional responsibilities that have come on your shoulder because you are now going to be a bride or a groom soon. You have to fulfill all the expectations of the family and have to lead your life according to their will. You can’t be careless or carefree after your wedding and you will have to be responsible just like your parents. This can be solved by discussing your problems with your spouse and he may help you to recover from it or you can always seek for medical treatments.