A Guide to Teeth Whitening Treatment in UAE

Whether you are American or African, whether you are rich or poor or whether you are adult or child,  no one can stop you to smile because it is your right to smile, to be happy and remain happy, it is your right to keep your mind healthy and it is your right to feel and live lightly and peacefully but the eternal happiness of using these rights will go into hell when your smile and laughter let others see your teeth which are not less than antique yellow papers that we all hate the most.

Therefore, there is the increasing trend of cosmetic surgeries that can change your every facial feature to make it more attractive and perfect. These cosmetic surgeries can be performed on teeth too to push them in OR to whiten them.

The cosmetic surgeries are performed in almost every country. In Pakistan and India, they are cheaper but in UAE, they will cost you a lot. However, Middle East provides quality too. There are many hospitals specialized in teeth’s cosmetic surgeries.

These clinics have two types of teeth whitening treatment:

  1. Home teeth whitening treatment,  and
  2. In-office teeth whitening treatment.

The first one is easy-to-follow treatment in which doctor provides the kit on which there are two trays. The patient is required to use them for at least half a month to get the desired result.

In-office treatment is the treatment which is performed in clinic. It is not slow procedure like the first one. It is performed with in hour or two hours to make the set brighter and give it shine which the patient wants.

There are further two kinds of treatment in in-office treatment:

  1. Zoom teeth whitening treatment: It is performed within an hour by applying a gel which is activated by a light, and
  2. Laser treatment: In this treatment, laser is used to activate the compound to make it remove stains.

Whether you are thinking to go for teeth whitening Abu Dhabi or teeth whitening Dubai, one thing is confirmed that you would be left with little savings unless you have vouchers and discount offers. You can visit the websites of the mentioned to find more about their payments and fees.

So, these are basic guidelines to white your teeth in UAE. Hope it has helped you.