Tips on How to Cool Your Apartment with Fans

It is during the summer season that there is a sudden rise in temperature which results in an upward rise in your electricity bills. So, to cool down their houses several individuals keep the air conditioner on for a long period. But everyone cannot afford an air conditioner and some may not be able to pay a huge sum of money for these electricity bills.

So, several individuals who opt for a studio apartment for rent in discovery gardens Dubai make use of fans. Different fans do have a variety of cooling abilities if one makes proper usage of them. Same goes for those individuals who opt for several studio apartment for rent in Business Bay Dubai. Fans are truly a live saver for those who are unable to turn on their air conditioners for a very long time.

A number of other benefits by which you can cool down your particular apartment by making use of fans are given below.

Cracking a Window

One can understand this particular idea easily. But if one makes use of a specific portable fan which is placed in an open window then you can feel the flow of cool breeze in your apartment. The hot air will be replaced by cool air and one will get rid of scorching heat without making use of an air conditioner.

Cooling Power

Fans may not be able to cool down a lot of hot air. They are helpful if one wants to remove hot air from a particular area but they surely need something extra. This means one can make use of ice.

This is true as regular ice helps to cool down the air in an individual’s house or apartment. This is possible when ice is being used with a particular fan. All you need to do is to place ice in a specific bowl and then place it in front of a fan’s blades. Like this, air which is being blown by a particular fan will surely pass through the particular cold air which has been created by making use of ice.

Ceiling Fan

One can make efficient use of a particular ceiling fan too. You just need to press down a fan’s button so that it can rotate anti-clockwise so “downdraft effect” is created. Like this, your room will be cooler.

By making use of these tips one’s apartment can remain cool with a particular fan too.