An insight into ballistic glass

There are a few different kinds of ballistic glass which people can use for their extra protection. People will sometimes get confused about what kind of bullet proof glass is better for them so they should not be worried about this because a good company will provide you all the information and give you the options which are suitable for you and then you can choose out of all these options easily. You can get these as bulletproof windows for home or entire wall of bullet proof glass for your office or the school building. Here is a great insight for everyone to know about the details of ballistic glass:

Making: When you are going to get a normal bullet proof glass for average protection of your house then you will get to have a common one which is usually made up of glass and plastic. In this there are two layers of thick glass and the thin plastic film will be inside these two layers which do the protective work. This can be made in different smaller units because it is the most basic kind of bullet proof glass. For the process the glass is heated and pressed from both layers and then the plastic inside will melt to create a stronger layer of bullet proof glass. It will look simple but no one can do this at home because there will be a certain temperature needed to melt the plastic along with the precautionary measures for the safety of the workers. If an amateur will try to do that then there will be air bubbles remain in the glass which makes that weak or the person may hurt himself during the process.

Thickness: There are glasses available with different thickness levels according to the protection they will provide. The normal glass is of one layer while the basic bullet proof glass has three layers so it will provide more protection, similarly the more layers you add the more protection you get but with the expense of clear vision and sound. If you want to get more protection then you need to go for the special ballistic glass which will provide more protection and clear vision too. A glass that can stop bullets of a hand gun will be 21mm thick which is normally used in different buildings, banks.