Common AV mistakes that amateurs make

You need to know that it is not very common for the presenters to show up late and without proper arrangement. If you are a procrastinator then we would suggest you to pull up your socks and get ready to deliver an epic presentation. You also need to keep this in mind that you can’t alone take care of this huge event which means that help of event management companies in UAE will be very helpful for you. You should seek help from audio visual company and as many helping hands that you can find. This way you can divide the work and get things done in shorter time so that things are done professionally. You should ask your presenter to send in the files as early as possible. You can double check things together and make sure that your AV company coordinates with the event managers to keep you away from any kind of last moment mishap.

Another mistake that many people make is that they rely on event’s WiFi which is as you guessed, not very reliable. They fall into the trap and that’s why we would suggest you to keep a backup. Now the backup can either be WiFi or proper offline arrangement such as screenshots or alternate content that would still convey the message and look presentable instead of making your presentation look bad and unequipped. Audience can check out the detailed offline information while you have someone look into the signal issue to get you back on the track.

It’s not only about technical stuff but it is also about making sure that you have hard copies of all the things. From banners to brochures you must be prepared with everything so that people can leave with something to think about and ponder on. Be aware of the size and allotment of things that you are allowed and work accordingly so that your resources are not wasted and you get to utilize them the correct way.

We request all of you not to forget about bringing extra cords and wires with you because one can never get enough of them. From extensions to tape just be prepared because even if you don’t use them, you will still be happy that you brought it in case of emergencies.